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ZipStitchClips www.ZSXMedical.com  will improve laparoscopically delivered Surgical Closures post-hysterectomy by the many dozens of enthusiastic Gynecological Surgeons who have seen it.  They recognize that tying tricky suture knots after long procedure can be improved – especially for the thousands of Surgeons who don’t specialize in this riskiest, and most expensive of procedures.  ZipStitchClips are strong, made of approved bio-resorbable polymer, spreading its gripping force across much wider area than needle-based suturing, enables speedier & perhaps safer surgical closure.  $1.0M Angels, now closing $1.5M A-round w/Lead VC to accomplish preclinical proof in animals and prepare for $3.0M B-round to achieve 510k clearance.  CEO Dan Mazzucco, PhD.


20/20 Gene Systems www.2020Gene.com has three successful lines of business: it sells profitable BioCheck, a quick-test for mysterious powder improving approach / remedy by First Responders.  2020Gene has its own CLIA Reference Lab in Rockville MD to help roll out new diagnostic tests: www.BloodTestForLungCancer.com is now in market.  Layered-ImmunoHistoChemistry will help create Companion Diagnostics to choose best therapy for Kidney Cancer Patients whose Doctors  want to avoid the anti-angiogenic side-effects of SUTENT by using 2020’s SUTest, identify Kidney Patients who may benefit from mTor Pathway Inhibitors, like Torisel, for which Oncologists will use 2020’s PredicTor test.  PredicTor is also being developed for suitability to use Herceptin in Breast Cancer Patients. 2020Gene’s undertaking its initial institutional round 1Q’13. CEO Jonathan Cohen  


FlowMetric sells profitable flow cytometry services to Big Pharma, Biotech, CRO DRUG DISCOVERY Scientists and Researchers.  CEO Ren Capocasale  brings unfair algorithm advantages discovering and delivers results smarter better  & faster for new Personalized Medicines by using Higher Order Math. Concluding $2.2M  Angel-round  while reaching this amount of revenue in 2012.


 IVDx ‘s  nanoBioParticles Tag, Flag & Bag Circulating Tumor Cells without drawing blood. This breakthrough Patient Monitoring technology raising $5.0M Pref A-round, after $1.5M of Midwest Angels. Under due diligence since 3Q’11, brings together complex systems. CEO Frank Szczepanski.

 BEST of BEST CEO 2011.   EMMA goes home for Patient‘s strict adherence to regimen of  powerful antidepressants & pain pills  Only FDA Class 2 cleared device or robot as 24/7 telemedicine monitor for a single Patient. EMMA Prevents Adverse Drug Events. Raising C-round $7.0M. Chris Bossi CEO.

BEST of BEST CEO 2010.    PluroGen  mfg PluroGel which delivers antibiotics, accelerates  wound healing by debriding protecting and easy rinsing for dressing changes. Selling PluroGel-SSD in eight European countries during 2011-12.  Under IND process for FDA trials w/ Wounded Warriors using PluroGel-triple antibiotic PNN which Pentagon helped fund two years.   Neal Koller, CEO.

BEST of BEST CEO 2009.    Immunomix LAMP vaccines retrain Patients’ immune system: battle & win vs allergies& AML cancer. Big Five Pharma’s $500k revenue accesses LAMP platform validates year-long exam into LAMP technology. Dosing Patients for tree & grass Allergies.  Bill Hearl, CEO.

BEST of BEST CEO 2008.   Sword Diagnostics’s  chemistry reagent detects tiniest diseased cell or cancer cell via blood draw test.  World leader Tecan Instruments paid SwordDx for North American roll-out using chemistry in their instruments for many Reference Customers.   Dave Dingott, CEO.




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