1.  About NJAngels

2.  Background of Dan Conley

3.  Entrepreneurs University programs

4.  Background: FundConley portfolio

1. About NJAngels

Since its 1996 founding, the NJ Angels + Investors Life Sciences Networks has been a Manager-led group and works with over 100 accredited entities, across a dozen other Angel Networks, affiliated with GUST, and interacts with both individual Angels and institutional VC funds to determine best fit backing of Entrepreneurs for the appropriate:
•  Amount of Capital;
•  Structure of Capital;
•  Price of Capital and;
•  Use of Proceeds
to help selected CEOs effectively grow and become capable of Returning Investments to those who back those CEOs.

NJAngels designed and uses an internal & confidential VenturEvaluation process and Scoring Systems for CEOs and their Companies involving 22-criteria known as the

The Twelve Show Me Keys of Raising Earlystage Venture Capital

While Avoiding The Ten Deadly Sins of Raising Earlystage Venture Capital.

These scores then evolve into a series of ongoing Advisory and Due Diligence activities designed to strengthen the CEO’s Business Plan, the CEO’s Team, and the Go-To-Market strategy with tactics to WIN.

Dealflow is from many other Angels and Venture Fairs and over 365 qualified companies  become 36 prospects invited into a VenturEvaluation process.

NJAngels run day-long preparation and VenturEvaluation workshops in conjunction with Entrepreneurs University programs. (click to link the  EntreUniv.org FastPitchRegistration )

We formerly called these programs: Real Entrepreneurs Boot Camps.

We bring together a group of VCs and active Angels and up to ten CEOs of Life Science and HealthCare and Medical Device Companies to pick Best of Best CEO finalists, and perform Due Diligence until we pick the Best of Best CEO Winners.

Our focus is on CEOs with NanoBio Tools, Materials, + Devices for Diagnostics, Imaging, Regen-Medicines, Delivery or Discovery of New Medicines, Healthcare IT or tools and devices for First Responders. We feature CEOs with Unfair Technologies or Unfair Marketplace Advantages.

2. Background: Dan Conley

Since 1986, Dan Conley has provided various forms of capital and financing to Business Owners, large and small, technology-driven or not, and has created a number of “firsts” in his career.

Dan was recruited as the sole Program Coordinator for GE Capital’s acquisition of the RCA Credit Corp. As one of its finance shop decision makers, he helped develop similar vendor equipment financing programs for other Manufacturing Clients of GECC, until he was recruited by Chancellor Corp, the General Partner of a series of investment trusts, leveraging syndicates of debt with equity — from single or multiple investors — to make attractive portfolio returns.

Dan’s Program Coordinator role there also resulted in originating millions of dollars of new business, and improving and implementing Chancellor’s automated prospecting & profiling system, — similar to GE Capital’s R.A.C.E. system — which accelerated and refined the Rapid Application Credit Evaluation – process, from all 50 states to GECC’s central bank.

As OnCallCFO for Fundable Teams, CEOs engage Dan Conley to help them prepare, polish, package, and present their Business Plan materials to specific screened-in and qualified sources of debt, private equity and institutional capital.

Dan mounts targeted fundraising campaigns for those qualified CEOs who seek valuable marketplace feedback about capitalization and valuation, as well as market niche intelligence from expert sources.

Dan has originated or closed or both, millions of dollars of capital financing across many sectors, including Life Sciences, Healthcare, Diagnostics, Biotech, Drug Discovery and Drug Delivery technologies – areas which NJAngels continues to focus upon.

Dan has also helped finance technology companies focused on: Advanced Materials, Clean Energies, InfoTech, dot-coms, software, communications, and original equipment and process manufacturing – for many industry-leading CEOs.

In 2001, Dan Conley became an active check-writing Angel Investor for those CEOs and Teams fully qualified to properly sell securities to outside investors. To date the best investment is publicly traded and will be reaching 20X its initial stock price by 2013.

Prior to 1986, Dan served honorably in the US Marine Corps, competed in the NCAA on scholarship in springboard diving, and completed his undergraduate degree focused on Business Administration, with concentrations in Marketing and Management Information Systems.  He led many student clubs, activities, and reported for the Student Newspaper.

3. Entrepreneurs University programs

Starting in 1992, Dan helped transform and privatize what was then an eight-year old non-profit educational institution, mirrored on the MIT Enterprise Forum’s format of

“Deconstruct and Reconstruct an

Entrepreneurial CEO’s Business Plan”

www.EntreUniv.org hosts ten (10) monthly programs a year are held at the CCIT: the Commercialization Center for Innovative Technologies #675 Route 1s, North Brunswick NJ 08902 (for GPS use #681).

Taking private in 1995 the Entrepreneurs University programs  www.EntreUniv.org         Dan has helped provide value to hundreds of technology-based Entrepreneurial CEOs and Organizational Support to dozens of the elite east coast Venture Fairs – annually.

Each of the EntreUniv programs feature a Technical Topic focused on: How to Venture in raising capital, finance, intellectual property, team-building, sales and marketing, and the like.

Topics follow the FAST PITCH 5 + 5 VENTURE PLAN FORUMS by CEOs of ten-minutes each, made by qualified Entrepreneurs who are getting up and out onto the Venture Community circuit – safely, saving time, energy, and money in the process.  EntreUniv.org uniquely provides objective expertise and hard-hitting constructive feedback that benefit Entrepreneurs.

EntreUniv’s 2012-2103 program will be its 29th year of continuous valuable monthly programs.  It now operates First Tuesdays (except for Labor Day and New Year weeks) from 4-6p with networking at the CCIT an hour before and after.  NJAngels run workshops prior to the start of EntreUniv, and is its primary Sponsor.

EntreUniv.org is actively seeking Sponsors, Angels, and VCs who can add expertise by participating as Speakers on its panels.  It is a lot of fun, and Sponsors of EntreUniv gain access to both the considerable DealFlow and the InvestorFlow of the NJAngels.

4. Background: FundConley portfolio

Dan Conley along with other NJAngels have invested in the following companies:

●   Neuro-Pain all-natural Medicine sold OTC, generated over $20.M revenue, after three VC rounds.

●   Cancer Dx co. with exclusive reagent enables 1st FSH genetic molecular test for melanoma cancer. (public co.) now $50.M revenue.
●   Ultra-sensitive reagent chemistry detects and diagnoses the tiniest samples for life sciences – esp. cancer, many Customers.

●   High-throughput genomics for drug discovery using a novel robotics & automation platform – Protedyne was sold to LabCorp.

●   DNA Vaccine platform co. being applied to allergies, and causing remission in AM Leukemia patients: Immunomix is dosing Patients 2H’12.

•    Wound & Burn Care hydrogel material PluroGel protects, delivers medicines, rinses  off completely, accelerates healing.

•   Others

For consideration for program participation call Dan Conley directly DanConley@NJAngels.net  (photo and linked-in profile available)

NJAngels’  VenturEvaluations  help commercialize  science 

ANGELS + VCs for Lunch

By Helping Entrepreneurial CEOs  Organize Their

Unfair Commercial & Technological Advantages into

a Fundable Business Plan based on Know-How with:


NanoBio Tools, Materials, + Devices

Companion Diagnostics for Personalized Medicines, 

Vaccines, Regen+NeuroMedicine Discovery Tools,

Drug Delivery, Patient Adherence & Compliance,

Anything for Wounded Warriors, First Responders

Dx & Tx imaging niches, InfoTech to Fix Healthcare. 



# 675 Rte 1s, No. Brunswick, NJ 08902   GPS use #681.

Angels + Presenters pre-register: www.EntreUniv.org

VenturEvaluation workshops Teams of Three  by appointment      8-10a  $40.

ANGELS  +  VCs   LUNCH                      10-2p  $40.




10Jan’13  and then First Tuesdays through to 4June’13 Best of Best CEOs


CEO Fast Pitch Coaching: A 20-Minute Forum to Learn How CEOs Can Make

Cogent Their Company’s Venture Plan Presentation In 5-Minutes    2-4p  $40.  .


ENTREPRENEURS    UNIVERSITY            4-6p   $40 to NJEF, Inc

 Technical Programs (below) Teach CEOs:    HOW TO VENTURE 

  pre-register:  DanConley@NJAngels.net or via   www.EntreUniv.org

Sept 13th :  How to Procure Angel Capital;           Tools, Techniques, Tactics you can use

Oct   2nd :   How to Procure Venture Capital;        Tools, Techniques, Tactics you can use

Nov   6th :    Funded CEOs;  Valuable Advice to Get to Your Next Rung UP  the VC Food Chain.



OnCallCFO  for  Fundable  Teams; 

Managing Director    NJ  Angels  Networks,   Sponsors  of

Entrepreneurs  University programs: