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2024-2025  calendar below.

To arrange review of your Company for a CEO Forum – email your non-confidential slide-deck and cover-letter explaining Your Company’s Chronology -of- Capitalization + other salient topics covered in deck.

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convene monthly for Entrepreneurs University

programs to help Entrepreneurial CEOs

learn and implement Best Practices in


Capitalizing, and Growing

their technology-based enterprise:  


Mostly, by helping each Entrepreneur 


Deconstruct + Reconstruct Their Business Plan + Pitch.


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ACEs review CEO’s Business Plans, on zoom

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constructive critique, connections to resources,

including to sources of capital:

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Our nonprofit 506(c) Club, established in 1984, supports qualified Entrepreneurial CEOs – from all across the US, on a continuous monthly bases.

Our Sponsors can help CEOs prepare internal Due Diligence, external Due Diligence.

Using our long-established Best Practices instruction sets, each month we help another cohort of presenting CEOs who are keen to learn and implement proper, safe, & swift methods to raise capital.  

Raising capital requires Fundraising Tools, Techniques, Technologies & Tactics.

M. 2 Dec’24 – Best of the Best CEOs: Bake-off for the Money!

M. 6 Nov’24 – Techniques to Attract & Protect Angel Investors: Due Diligence

M. 7 Oct’24 – Better Methods RAISING ANGEL CAPITAL for Therapeutics

M. 9 Sept’24 – VALUATION: keys to Raising Angel and follow-on Capital

M. 12 Aug’24 – Real Entrepreneurs Boot Camp: CEOs De- + Re-construct BPlans

M. 24 June’24 – Best of the Best CEOs: Bake-off for the Money!

M. 6 May’24 – PATENT ATTORNEY for CEOs + Inventors: ‘Best IP Practices’

M. 15 Apr’24 – Techniques to Attract & Protect Angel Investors + Due Diligence

M. 4 Mar’24 – Ways CEOs COMMUNICATE + COMPENSATE to Build Teams

M.5 Feb’24 – Techniques to WRTE & PITCH More Fundable Business Plans

M. 22 Jan’24 – Real Entrepreneurs Boot Camp: CEOs De- + Re-construct BPlans


How to access venues where professional investors make their decisions.

Our colleagues have deep experience and technical domain expertise across all the Life Sciences disciplines in which we’re involved, generally known as:

NanoBio Tools, Materials, + Devices:

Can Nocira’s WAVE earn lucrative reimbursement as swift Anti-Migraine?
Can AiM’s HALO prove that LIVE MRI for multiple Deep Brain Stimulation sites
– enables Neuro Surgeons to better assure themselves “No More Blind Spots”


LumiThera’s Valeda – imminent FDA approval of PhotoBioModulation


Nano-ceramic permanent Skin’o’Granite protective coatings

by Zirconia for Concrete & Steel, old or new



2022  CRiSPR GENE-EDITING – a new era in drug discovery sped up w/ the CHIP


CrisprQC is setting standards w/ its amazing Crispr CHIP 

Enabling Gene-Editors with brilliant tools, and Data Analytics

to speed up accurate editing & thus more Cures, more Patients Cured


2021  CarmellRx  Rich Plasma Accelerate Tissue-healing & bone-healing 


2021   Siva Tx    warming to death colorectal tumors from within, clever


2021   FEM select’s EnPlace for minimal dissection, as Out Patient
           procedure for Pelvic Organ Prolapse – w/ its own CPT code


2021  Seneca Tx oncolytic virus paints tumor as target for FDA-appv’d


2018   Smart Monitor – Cloud upgrades Philip’s Remote Patient Monitoring  

– esp most vulnerable in society  NICU-preemie babies


2018    Precision Image Analysis SaaS software tool kit for Radiologists
measure ‘organ details prior to surgery


2018   Actuated Medical entrepreneurial EcoSystem inventing, launching 

    MedTech devices which involve exquisite control of motion


2017   Indigo BioSciences w/  largest catalog of Nuclear Receptor tests 

 For Drug Discovery Researchers to determine toxicology much earlier  


2016   ThriveBio’s  CellAssist instrument w/ advanced imaging software
            w/ fire-+-forget automation & robotics to advance Cell-based


2016    Myomo, Inc. My Own Motion” makes exoskeleton braces for upper
           limbs to restore motion for Patients w/ paralysis due to stroke,
brain injury,
neurological conditions.                                                 


2015    Microbial Fertilizers protect Farmers, and our Food Supply.


We are keen on CEOs who are focused on improving Patient-outcomes and developing better, faster, less invasive, less painful, and less expensive healthcare solutions by discovering new technologies to commercialize:

·         Drug Discovery, Genomic Diagnostics, advanced Imaging,

  • AntiCancer

·         RegenMedicines, Wound Healing, Stem Cell therapies,

Any Tools, Materials & Devices to equipment and protect:

·        First Responders, Surgeons, Nurses, or Wounded Warriors.
·        Protecting Food, Farmers, and Forests  


For current portfolio available to Angels email:


convene monthly for
Entrepreneurs University programs
to help Entrepreneurial CEOs
learn and implement Best Practices
in starting, capitalizing and growing
their technology-based enterprise:

by helping them  

Deconstruct + Reconstruct Their Business Plan + Pitch.

M.24.June 2024 

BEST  of  BEST  CEOs:  Bake-off  For  the  Money


BUILDING UNICORNS Using Neuro Modulation


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