2015 Programs

The 2015 Entrepreneurs University program schedule is shown below with a preview of two of the 2016 programs. Special programs are shown in bold.

Thu. 8 Jan’15 – Writing Fundable Business Plans: Tips, Tactics, and Techniques

Wed. 21 Jan’15 – Proof of Concept Clinical Trials programs in NYC

Tue. 3 Feb’15 – Intellectual Property Matters for Investors and CEOs

Wed. 18 Mar’15 – Proof of Concept Clinical Trials programs in Philadelphia

Tue. 7 Apr’15 – How CEOs Communicate to Build and Fund Their Teams

Tue. 5 May’15 – New Rules & Tools for Raising Angel Capital

Tue. 2 June’15 – Best of the Best CEOs Bake-Off for the Money competition

Tue. 14 July’15 – Real Entrepreneurs Boot Camp by invitation only, at Fiddler’s Elbow Country Club

Thu. 10 Sept’15 – Patents 101 and How Best CEOs Overcome Human Capital Challenges

Tue. 6 Oct’15 – Valuation: Keys to Raising Angel & Capital

Tue. 3 Nov’15 – How to Write Fundable Business Plans: Techniques + Tactics

Tue. 1 Dec’15 – Proof of Concept Clinical Trials and Best of the Best CEOs Bake-Off for the Money

Thu. 14 Jan’16 – How CEOs Communicate: Tools, Techniques, Tips & Tactics to Raise Capital

Tue. 2 Feb’16 – Raising Capital for Medical Devices

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