2014 Program Preview

Our 2014 program is shaping up nicely. Here’s a preview now with the correct dates.

9 Jan’14 Bullet Proof Your Business Plans: Deconstruct & Reconstruct Yours To Reveal Its Flaws.
4 Feb Characteristics of Fundable CEOs Undergoing Due Diligence: new technology tools & techniques
4 Mar How CEOs Prepare For & Undergo Due Diligence What Tools, Techniques, and Tactics Work & Which don’t
1 Apr Medical Product Development: Challenges for Inventors and Investors
6 May How Patents + IP Protections Motivate Angels, and extend to Corp Acquirers
3 June Best of the Best CEOs: NJAngels invest 1H’14: New forms of Energy, better Wound Care, & safer Vaccines
15 July Real Entrepreneurs Boot Camp: By invitation only FiddlersElbowCC.com
26 Aug Real Entrepreneurs Boot Camp: By invitation only FiddlersElbowCC.com
11 Sept CEO Communications: Tools, Techniques, Tips & Tactics to Raise Capital
7 Oct Avoiding Fundraising Disaster: Follow Rules and Use Right Tools for Raising Capital.
4 Nov How to Procure Venture Capital; Techniques + Tactics Dealing with VC Term sheets.
2 Dec’14 Best of the Best CEOs: Bake-Off for the Money Who will be our next Winner?

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Dan Conley, As Managing Director for the New Jersey Angels Networks, Dan helps to build, bridge, and implement fundraising campaigns for them. Due Diligence, in the form of carefully examined criteria as VenturEvaluations are known, brings to the CEO an Investor's perspective - valuable Business Plan Materials Organization for the Entrepreneurs and their Teams.