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Formed in 1996, the NJAngels nurture, support, and help bring qualified Entrepreneurial CEOs through internal Due Diligence and then safely & swiftly to capital markets.

NJAngels is a manager-led network of accredited investors, Angels, Venture Capitalists, and successful Entrepreneurs.

Most have expertise in the Life Sciences disciplines which we’ve termed:

NanoBio Tools, Materials, + Medical Devices,

We are keen on CEOs who are focused on improving Patient-outcomes and developing better, faster, less invasive, less painful, and less expensive Healthcare solutions by discovering new technologies in:

  • Diagnostics, Imaging,
  • BioPharma drug discovery, new Drug Delivery methods,
  • RegenMedicines, Wound Healing, Stem Cell therapies, and
  • Any tools, info-tech or devices which help , First Responders, Surgeons, Nurses or Wounded Warriors.
  • Current portfolio is available by emailing DanConley@NJAngels.net

NJAngels convenes monthly programs for Angels + VCs to review Entrepreneurial Business Plans – often via video and ConfCalls.    Our calendar directly supports EntreUniv.org:

Our latest program is invitation only by a sponsor of the NJAngels Forums’ Real Entrepreneurs Boot Camp. Please send your invitation request to Angel@NJAngels.net and indicate if you an accredited investor. The next Entrepreneurial CEO Interviews are scheduled for Tue.15 Dec’15. Register via EntreUniv.org


For EntreUniv.org programs, please register and swipe $42. PayPal to purchase a 20-minute Entrepreneurs Coaching Forum from 12n to 4p on First Tuesdays (Feb –thru- June and Oct-thru-Dec) or the Second Thursday of January and September (due to holidays during first week of those months)

This Forum fee is paid to NJEF, Inc. or the New Jersey Entrepreneurs’ Forum, Inc. a 31-year young non-profit For Purpose educational and training institute for Scientists, Engineers, and Business Executives starting growing and funding their Technology-based Business.

For fully vetted Business Plans, CEOs should email their Executive Summary to Angel@NJAngels.net – on a case-by-case basis CEOs may call-in their presentation.

NJAngels also produce technical programs for EntreUniv.org   e.g. Best Practice for and by Angels    How to Vet Your Angel.  Participation in NJAngels programs is by invite only, and Entrepreneurs participating in EntreUniv programs are typically invited.

Our venue: Our video-studio inside the Commercialization Center for Innovative Technologies is located at 675 Route 1 southbound, North Brunswick, NJ 08902 (Driving directions are at bottom of this webpage).

NJAngels have helped scores of Entrepreneurial CEOs improve & expand their business.

NJAngels is a major Sponsor of Entrepreneurs University programs

EntreUniv.org helps to teach Entrepreneurs how to prepare and write a more fundable business plan, ways CEOs may protect their early investors, while building and proving out their technology, and building a Go-To-Market Team.   It will involve researching and organizing marketplace assumptions to build realistic business models and project cash needs and estimate cashflows.

  • Teaching Entrepreneurs how to negotiate the sale of securities to professional investors;
  • Make a compelling and fundable Fast Pitch 5 + 5 Venture Plan presentation in front of an audience of sophisticated accredited private investors within 300-seconds, by which you demonstrate your comprehensive understanding of what it will take to make this venture succeed — with other people’s money.  Expert Panelists and Sponsors quiz the Entrepreneurs for another five-minutes.
  • Entrepreneur videotapes can become available online for a nominal fee;
  • NJAngels help selected Entrepreneurs to prepare in advance to be able to survive the Due Diligence gauntlet to prove and back up claims.
  • Key to motivating serious Investors and Partners, a well prepared Due Diligence package helps close investment in the CEO’s Technology Co.

Entrepreneurs University programs have helped many dozens of CEOs collectively raise millions of dollars growing those technology companies, employ skilled teammates, and commercialize products and services – at a profit.

FAST  PITCH  5 + 5  Venture  Plan  Forums involve

$42. Coaching 12-4p  plus

$42. to participate 4-6p and Pitch our audience (video capture) 4-5p.

All-day Entrepreneurs pay just $250. for up to three people.